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2 Dec

Hello, this is wtdevflnt. I created this blog as a photo dump and nothing more. I will periodically upload photos from China, but may not comment much on them. Please feel free to ask me about the photos, where I took them etc.

The reason for creating this site, was to use it as a placeholder for my images, and then migrate them to my other site, here.

You can also visit

In that site, you will be exposed to my witty, off-color humor and observations of China.


Chonqing China and My Rabbit

19 Dec

15 December, 2010 06:15

15 Dec

15 December, 2010 06:09

15 Dec

15 December, 2010 05:59

15 Dec

Chinese Pollution at Dawn

15 Dec

15 December, 2010 05:43

15 Dec

15 December, 2010 05:42

15 Dec